Outpost Zero, Multiplayer Survival FPS Announced With A Cool Synthwave Trailer
Outpost Zero

TinyBuild and Symmetric Games announced that there’s a new first-person, multiplayer survival shooter on the way called Outpost Zero. The game is described as a mix between StarCraft’s resource management and a typical FPS game.

The objective is to gather resources on the planet, build up your base, strengthen your army with AI units and then raid your opponent’s base. It’s a lot like Planetside but with a bit more of a meta-game centered around resource management and base building.

An announcement trailer was unveiled to give gamers a look at what to expect from this upcoming hybrid multiplayer FPS title.

The trailer features some sexy retrosynth music from Moonraccoon. It showcases the space ship carrying the AI-powered robots to a foreign planet where they must colonize it and bring it up to American standards.

After a minute of showcasing some of the cinematics, we then see how players work together to build up a base, gather supplies, and then proceed to make their base bigger, sexier and more elaborate.

We also see how the player can then create more AI companions using the tools within the base. Once you gain a sufficient amount of allies you can then go take on some native wildlife and giant AI bosses.

The game looks like it could be a decent entry in the ever-expanding first-person sci-fi survival genre. I can’t help but recoil a little bit at the similarities between Outpost Zero and Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky.

Anyway, if you really liked Moonraccoon’s sexy track, you can check out her album, Sunrise City from her Ms Moonraccoon YouTube channel.

TinyBuild and Symmetric, meanwhile, will be looking to push Outpost Zero into pre-alpha testing soon. You can sign-up for a chance to alpha test the game by visiting the official Outpost Zero website.


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