Owlboy Set To Arrive On Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One February 13th

One of the most celebrated games of 2017 that came out on PC is now making its way to the Nintendo Switch and PS4 starting February 13th next month. The news comes courtesy of the developer, D-Pad Studio.

The developer made the news public courtesy of a tweet, where they also confirmed that multiple language and regional support for countries like South Korea, Brazil, Spain, China, Italy, France and Japan and Germany will make the cut come February 13th.

Owlboy was first announced for a Nintendo Switch release back in May of 2017. At the time, no release date had been set, but we did know that the game was set to arrive on Nintendo’s hybrid console.

Owlboy first came out way back in late 2016 on Steam and GOG.com for PC. It’s still currently available for only $24.99.

The game received unanimous praise for its amazingly high quality hand animation and incomparable sprite work. The game features highly fluid characters and environmental designs that hearken back to the classic days when the Neo Geo platform was the king of fluidity for sprite-based animations.

Also, unlike a bunch of other games that have recently released, such as Iconoclasts, Full Metal Furies or Celeste, there were no worries about Owlboy being filled to the brim with sociopolitical propaganda or themed after cultural Marxism in order to further the Liberal agenda. Owlboy was designed first and foremost to be a fun game with amazing visuals and great playability.

The hook for the game is that it features large dungeons, creative boss fights and the ability to carry anything. Yes, Owlboy can pick up objects, pick up items, and even pick up allies.

Owlboy‘s universal praise on PC will likely continue when it makes its way to home consoles starting February 23rd.

For more info on the game be sure to head on over to the official Owlboy website.


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