Payday 2’s Japanese Hacker, Joy, Will Be A Timed Exclusive For Nintendo Switch
Payday 2 - Nintendo Switch Joy

The Nintendo Switch version of Payday 2 will receive a timed exclusive character named Joy. She’s a Japanese hacker with an LED digital mask that changes colors/expressions depending on what’s going on in the game.

Joy was rolled out as part of the Nintendo Direct that took place earlier in the day, featuring a variety of upcoming games due out for the Nintendo Switch in 2018. Overkill Software also announced that the release date for Payday 2 on the Switch is February 27th, 2018. The game will cost $49.99.

A minute long trailer was rolled out that doesn’t really showcase much of Joy other than her mask, but you can view it below anyway.

The character will have all new perks and abilities distinct from the other characters in the game, including hacker perks, which should really come in handy for stages where you have to hack stuff. Joy also has her own distinct weapons as well, which should add to the replayability.

The Nintendo Direct had a very different trailer, detailing more of the gameplay and mechanics.

So you’ll have touchscreen controls available for navigating the menus while in portable mode, but can also use the Joy-Cons for standard gameplay.

Payday 2 will also support local and online multiplayer, so you can hook up with your buddies via LAN if they have Switches or go online and use to find some partners… in crime.Payday 2 - Joy

And last but not least, the game will support HD Rumble effects via the Joy-Cons, whether you’re shooting, blowing stuff up, or knocking people down.


The game doesn’t look that bad to be on the Nintendo Switch, but I’m curious how well it’ll run in the portable mode?

You can look for Payday 2 to launch on February 27th next month. They don’t say for how long Joy will be an exclusive on the Switch, but they’ll likely roll out the details after the game launches for Nintendo’s hybrid console.


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