The Perfect Sniper Aims To Rekindle Virtua Cop-Style Goodness For VR Headsets
The Perfect Sniper

Sinn Studio’s The Perfect Sniper is an upcoming first-person shooter designed for VR HMDs. The game is set to arrive on Steam starting January 20th at the end of the week.

The game is a first-person rail shooter where you have to use your sniper rifle to take out specified targets. The story centers around a sniper who decides to become vengeance in the night, and a bane to the crime syndicates that have taken over the city. It’s up to players to take out the Romanos family and their under-bosses, while disrupting their illegal weapon distribution, drugs and human trafficking.

The levels span rooftop hits, apartment shootouts, and even chase scenes throughout the city streets. The game has a low-poly aesthetic keeping in tune with the old-school Virtua Cop themes. You can check out the trailer below to get an idea of what The Perfect Sniper looks like.

The full game will have target-based elimination missions that span the various levels you see in the trailer above, along with a variety of cinematic sequences to keep the action cohesively tied together.

Strangely enough, the PlayStation VR version might be the best of the bunch when it does release given that The Perfect Sniper has both Move and Aim support, so for those of you who purchased the PlayStation Aim last year with the game Farpoint, you can finally put it to good use in a game that actually uses rifles.

A lot of fans are excited about the game coming to the PlayStation VR solely for the Aim. Sony has done a piss poor job in supporting the expensive peripheral by letting it rot by starving it of software.

There’s really no telling exactly how well a game like The Perfect Sniper will play out until it finally launches but you can expect it to arrive for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on Steam starting at the end of the week on January 20th. For more info you can visit the Steam store page.


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