Persona Black: Vicious Beta Demo Now Available For Download
Persona Black Vicious

The indie developer working on Persona Black: Vicious recently updated the game and offered gamers a free downloadable beta. This allows gamers to play-test the side-scrolling, hack-and-slash, puzzle-oriented game featuring a sexy vixen taking on some horrific monsters.

Persona Black: Vicious stars a sexy revenant named Katalina Lari. She rises from the grave to save her city from being overrun by monsters. You’ll have to hack and slash your way through the various enemies that stand in your way, all while attempting to prevent the birth of the unholy kitten goddess.

Your objective is to save the city from the monsters who are devouring people as part of their awakening. Along the way you’ll also need to solve some puzzles and avoid traps scattered throughout the levels. Unfortunately there are no video trailers available but there are a few screenshots of the gameplay.

Persona Black Vicious - Bar

Persona Black Vicious - Gameplay Screenshot

The game features a full-on single-player mode where you make your way through the various levels to take on the monsters and help the denizens suffering from the otherworldly creatures survive the onslaught.

You’ll need to dodge all manner of enemy types, including knives, shurkens, scythes, claws and magic attacks. You’ll need to also collect the souls of the enemies you defeat in order to upgrade Katalina and make her more powerful.

Additionally, there’s a secondary mode known as the Horror Mode, where you’ll need to kill enemies quickly and drink their blood in order to stay alive.

The full release of Persona Black: Vicious is due out at some point later on in 2018. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it arrive at some point on Steam later on in the year after the game is further refined.

If the demo sounds interesting enough to you, you can grab a free copy right now from the IndieDB download page.


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