Planetoid Pioneers, Physicsvania Platformer Graduates From Early Access On Feb 8th

Planetoid Pioneers

A so-called sci-fi Physicsvania action-platformer from developer Data Realms is prepping to graduate from Steam’s Early Access division. The name of the game is called Planetoid Pioneers and it’s scheduled to move on up into the big ranks starting February 8th, 2018.

The PC title puts players in the role of geriatric astronauts exploring vividly vivacious locations beyond the asteroid belt of Mars. Players will have to chart uncharted worlds, and discover the dangers across the surface and those hidden beneath.

So what makes Planetoid Pioneers any different from the dozen or so other emergent 2D games on the market? Well, unlike Terraria or Starbound, the gameplay in Planetoid Pioneers is entirely physics driven. What does that mean? It means that your wang can wag in the wind.

Player-characters have mass that can be turned into an element of destruction with enough velocity, while weapons can be used to destroy pieces of enemies and cause them to stumble and fall over. You can use explosives to destroy parts of the planet, or use vehicles for physics-based terraforming. You can see how crazy the game is in action with the trailer below.

In addition to being able to utilize physics-based mechanics to explore the planets, you’ll also be able to create your own characters, items, and monsters using the user-generation tools that are the same as the ones that the developers at Data Realms used to create Planetoid Pioneers.

Dan Tabar, the founder of Data Realms, explained in the press release…

“Between user-generated content and the custom physics engine we built for Planetoid Pioneers, there’s a lot of room for fun wackiness to emerge,”


“Players can create whatever they desire to overcome the challenges of each planetoid and experience a personalized inter-astreroidal journey.”

The full version of the game will launch at a $19.99 for the game-only edition. For those of you who purchased the game while it was in Early Access, you’ll be upgraded to the Contributor Edition and receive the content creation tools to make your own stuff.

You can keep an eye on the Steam store page for when the game eventually goes live on February 8th.

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