Post Scriptum Developer Trailer Details Gameplay And Mechanics

Post Scriptum is a product of Offworld Industries and Periscope Games, and has a new developer video showing off gameplay. The first-person shooter WW2 game is currently in early development and has a release date of Spring 2018 for PC.

According to Post Scriptum‘s Steam page the FPS WW2 game will not hit Steam Early Access, instead the game will release in Spring of this year on Steam in full. While waiting for its release date to roll around, two teaser trailers have been sent out for public viewing:

The game is set to feature the following content:

– 50 vs 50 multiplayer PvP battles
– Parachutes
– Artillery and Airstrike support
– 40+ Vehicles
– Authentic level based on archives and historical maps
– 50+ historical weapons
– Base building, fortification and barricades
– Logistic and supply runs
– Towing system for supplies
– In game Voice Over IP with proximity fade
– Player driven objectives in Sandbox game mode
– Full access to PS SDK to add or modify content
– Steam Workshop support

If all of that reads like fun, there happens to be a full one hour long video that features the developers of Post Scriptum. The developer video walkthrough explains the current state of the game, future plans, sound effects, graphics, gameplay, and loads more.

Thanks to YouTuber DiplexHeated for conducting the following interview with the devs of Post Scriptum, you can get a nice idea as to what is about to go down through timestamps or by watching the video:

Hopefully full on environment destruction will be a thing later in Post Scriptum’s life-span. There’s no telling how the finished product will be and what will all make it in, but given that this game will support mods and Steam Workshop could bring better features.

You can learn more about Post Scriptum by hitting up

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