Professional Darts Corporation Capitulates To Political Correctness By Firing Walk-On Girls

Darts Bans Women

The models and walk-on girls for the Professional Darts Corporation competitions have been fired. Many feminists and Social Justice Warriors are exclaiming that it’s a victory to have women out of work and cut off the livelihood of female models who make money based on their looks.

Playing darts professionally doesn’t seem like it would court the kind of controversy that we’ve seen completely taking over the video game industry or the tech industry, but it’s happened. Political correctness managed to weed its way into the PDC, the Professional Darts Corporation, by putting its female models, known as walk-on girls, out of work.

The BBC is reporting that this decision was made based on feedback from the host broadcasters, with a spokesperson for the PDC stating…

“We regularly review all aspects of our events and this move has been made following feedback from our host broadcasters,”

It doesn’t end there, though. The article is reporting that the Twitter account for Women’s Sport Trust wants to remove grid girls from Formula racing, and ring girls from boxing.

The BBC had reported last December in 2017 that the F1 managing directors are currently reviewing the use of grid girls in the sport, which could potentially put more female models out of work.

Interestingly enough, many women, model agencies, and female actresses and models weren’t entirely pleased at the idea of having working opportunities forcibly taken from them and restricted behind the gate of feminism and “progress”.

Model Sara Beverley Jones was none too pleased with how the women’s organizations were basically going after her and other’s livelihoods.

In the BBC piece, they also cited model Charlotte Wood who also criticized the corporation’s decision to take away her livelihood, writing…

“Everybody chooses to do a job, and I feel like if I’m being told I can’t do this job, then my rights are being taken away.


“I have chosen to do this job. I go to work, I put on a nice dress and I escort darts players on to the stage. I smile and that is it. I don’t honestly see what the problem is.”

Model and walk-on girl Ashley Zaat also expressed her disappointment as well with the decision, explaining that while the Professional Darts Corporation was banning walk-on girls, at least the PDC European events would still allow for walk-on girls to be present.

According to The Sun, this issue became prevalent and more mainstream after reports of misconduct surfaced from a men-only charity event known as The Presidents Club.

Even still, many men and women are discouraged at the idea of women being put out of work in order to make certain Social Justice Warriors feel good about themselves.

Kotaku in Action user B-Volleyball-Ready linked to a petition over on started up by David Shaw in order to retain the walk-on girls for PDC events and keep them employed. The petition states…

“Walk on girls in darts has been traditional for years and so many things in this world that was tradition has been scrapped well this is one that should not be scrapped not only would we break tradition but women would be out of work also”

Nearly 25,000 people have signed the petition as of the writing of this article.

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