Thousands Of PUBG Gamers Sign Petition To Region Lock China
PUBG Chinese Hackers

A lot of gamers in America, Europe and Australia are tired of the Chinese. They want them gone out of PUBG Corporation’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or at least restricted to their own regional servers where no one outside of China has to play with the Chinese. In fact, the issue has become so pervasive that a hashtag is now being utilized called #RegionLockChina.

According to user Preime, they state that Chinese gamers have become an “epidemic” due to how cheap PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is within the region, and their skyrocketing presence in the game has caused frustrations for Western gamers who claim that the Chinese are all laggy, cheaters, and that they don’t speak English.

Even though a large portion of the 26 million in sales for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds comes from Chinese gamers, those numbers don’t matter to the Western players who simply want them gone in order to reduce lag and reduce cheating. Thousands of gamers have already signed a petition to force the Chinese out of North American and European servers.

Prieme writes in the petition

“Chinese players are invading not only NA servers but others too. They invade with lag and hacks. They are also filling up duos and quads and it’s HARD to communicate. Sign this petition to send a message to the devs to create a Region Lock for Chinese players. We not only wish to RegionLockChina but just to fix this problem”

There is encouragement to essentially spam the comment sections of update posts in order to get PUBG Corporation to eventually ban all Chinese players from the North American and European servers. Many gamers have heeded the advice and now the comment sections on the Steam page look like the following:

There are more than 560 pages and counting of gamers spamming PUBG Corporation to get rid of the Chinese gamers from the North American servers or lock them into their own region.

PUBG Corporation may not have to do much to fix the problem once VPNs are regionally banned across all telecoms service providers at some point in 2018, according to Bloomberg News. This would mean that most Chinese players won’t be able to interact with people outside of their country anymore via VPNs.

While many might see China’s Communist government stepping in to issue widesweeping censorship across all of mainland China as a bad thing, I’m sure most PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players will just be happy that they won’t have to play with the Chinese anymore.


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