Those Who Remain Could Be The Spiritual Silent Hill Successor Gamers Have Been Waiting For
Those Who Remain

Camel 101’s Those Who Remain is an upcoming psychological horror-thriller set within the sleepy town of Dormont. Players take on the role of Edward Turner who ends up in the small town while escaping from his troubled past. However, nothing in his past could prepare him for the horrors that away him in the darkness of Dormont.

Camel 101’s game is in development for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. The game looks visually engaging and definitely up to par to what you would expect from something made in the current year. Visually I would say the game is closest to Blooper Team’s Layers of Fear in terms of tone and the use of lighting to convey the atmospheric mood within the game.

And speaking of light… this is where things get really interesting. In order for Edward to survive Dormont he must stay in the light. For a game that uses real-time lighting, this means doing whatever you can to keep the lights on. What happens when the lights go out? Well, the creatures come out to play.

You can see some of the fleeting moments where the silhouettes of these specters are briefly visible through the shadows in the trailer below.

What’s really awesome here is that Camel 101 understands “less is more”, and managed to give hints at what lurks in the shadows. It’s a similar mechanic to Frictional Games’ use of darkness and shadows in the original Amnesia, where staying in the dark for too long would bring about psychosis.

However, the contrasts between surviving in the light and surviving in the dark is just one element of the horrors that await you in Those Who Remain.

As the title suggests, this could be the spiritual successor to Silent Hill that gamers have been waiting for… something that seemed like it could have been fulfilled with Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills before Konami cancelled it.

In the city of Dormont there is a mirror world. Yes… a mirror world.

While traveling through the game you’ll encounter an alternate reality of Dormont that you must travel to and through using portals, not unlike Netflix’s Stranger Things.

Those Who Remain - Diner

However, the alternate world of Dormont is no safe space. There are physical dangers that will harm Edward, as hinted at near the end of the trailer where we see something large and monstrous tearing through the streets.

So there is a multitude of ways to encounter terror and harm in Dormont, and few paths toward survival.

It sounds like it could be a really intense survival-horror game that rekindles those nerve-wrecking moments from the yesteryears of gaming when the genre was peaking thanks to titles like Resident Evil, Clock Tower and Silent Hill.

Those Who Remain is still currently in development for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and PC, but you can find out more about the game by visiting the official website or by following the game via the Steam app page.


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