Roblox Devs Ban Ugandan Knuckles Meme For Being Racist
Ugandan Knuckles

The community managers for Roblox have made a rather striking decision in light of the rise of the popular Ugandan Knuckles meme: it’s banned from the Roblox community for being racist.

Niche Gamer spotted an update over on the Roblox forums, where two community managers that work as developer relations liaisons made a forum post indicating that those posting the meme would be punished. Nightgaladeld from the developer relations team wrote on January 12th, 2018…

“As you probably know, the meme known as “Ugandan Knuckles” is very popular on the internet right now. Unfortunately, the origins of the meme are based in racist jokes about the Ugandan people and the Swahili language. As such, images and references to the meme are not allowed on the Roblox website. Please refrain from uploading them.”

Many users mocked the Nightgaladeld, telling him that he did not know the way. Others joked that while Ugandan Knuckles was banned, at least Pepe the Frog wasn’t banned, and so some began posting Pepe memes. As some of you know, the Anti-Defamation League had branded Pepe an image of white supremacy and a hate symbol due to the media’s insistence on making Pepe racist.

However, before the thread could really take off, a second community manager popped in to offer a final verdict and shut down the thread, with Lily_S writing…

“I think that’s all the feedback we need, and frankly I don’t think this thread is going to take any sudden turns in a positive direction.


“If you did not upload this meme and had no intentions of doing so, you have literally no reason to be upset and you can go about your day laughing at Ugandan Knuckles off-site. You haven’t been moderated, and your development career does not depend on you using this meme.”


[…] “I understand the desire to complain about moderation policies, but a publicly visible thread is not the place to do it. We will bring your feedback up to the people behind the policy, but this kind of behavior is not how you go about requesting change in a professional setting.”

The meme popped up from the free online program, VR Chat, which is basically like a low-rent anime version of Second Life for VR users. A bunch of deformed little Knuckles ran around using sound bites that included them saying “Do you know the way?” and “You do not know the way”. The sayings attached to the meme are actually sound clips from the Ugandan action comedy, Who Killed Captain Alex?.

You can see how the meme gained traction with the video below from Stahlsby.

Social Justice Warriors within the media quickly latched onto the meme and began calling it “racist”, with sites like Daily Dot and Polygon setting the narrative that people using the Ugandan Knuckles meme are racist trolls.

Normal people have been having fun with the meme, posting images, making fun of the sayings and sharing images of the Ugandan Knuckles across the web.

Controversial artist named Ohnips – who was previously attacked with death and rape threats from SJWs for making gender-bender fan art of Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator – decided to spruce up the meme with her own take on Ugandan Knuckles. Despite giving the meme a more flattering, Otome-vibe, there were still people complaining about the art being racist.

Ultimately, in today’s society the politically correct police make it known that there is no fun allowed when it comes to cross-breeding cultural memes for entertainment purposes.


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