Rogue Aces, Side-Scrolling Blast-’em-Up Announced For Nintendo Switch
Rogue Aces

The Switch still isn’t receiving super big, exclusive AAA titles from the major third-party publishers other than Mario + Rabids: Kingdom Battle, but indie studios are still more than happy to support Nintendo’s endeavors to mix and match portable and home console gaming with the Nintendo Switch.

The latest company to join the foray of ever-growing titles made available digitally for the little hybrid console that could is Infinite State Games. Their upcoming Rogue Aces will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in addition to the PS Vit and PS4. The news was verified through a tweet sent out from the main ISG account on January 2nd, 2018.

This followed on a previous tweet sent out on January 1st, 2018, where ISG shared a screenshot to welcome in the new year. What was in the screenshot? A control scheme for the Joy-Cons, featuring the layout for the Switch version of Rogue Aces. You’ll be able to accelerate and decelerate with the right analog, change your direction with the left analog, and fire your guns and boost using the left and right triggers. The face buttons switch to auto-pilot, eject from the plane, or launch the rockets.

The game itself is an extremely fast-paced, blast-’em-up, mixing and matching a somewhat sandbox style side-scrolling environment with bullet-hell gameplay. There are also tons of explosions as if the game came right out of a 1994 Neo Geo arcade cabinet. Check it out below.

There are a couple of standout features here. For one, this isn’t just a standard side-scrolling arcade SHMUP. Instead you can change directions, fly up, fly down, do bombing runs and effectively dodge enemy fire on a whim.

The next big feature for Rogue Aces is that you can steal new planes.

Yes, if your current plane is taking tons of damage and you’re no where near able to get it repaired, you can take to the skies and use the eject button to reposition the pilot over an enemy plane to hijack it in midair. Yes, you can perform midair hijacks. Battlefield 3 eat your heart out.

That was the last really good DICE game.

Anyway, according to Handheld Player, Rogue Aces will feature 100 randomly generated levels, fully destructible environments, and multiple modes including a campaign mode and a time-attack campaign mode, an arcade mode, and a survival mode.

The game is also scheduled to release on PS Vita and PS4. However, I wouldn’t be shocked if the game captured its most attention with the Switch release.

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