Rules Of Survival, Battle Royale Game PC Download Now Available

Rules of Survival

The open beta for NetEase’s Rules of Survival is available right now. The game originally launched for mobile devices and managed to rack up more than 100 million downloads across 50 different countries.

If you don’t like gaming on iPhones or Androids, you can download the Rules of Survival PC client and start playing the game on PC right now.

The open beta was announced by NetEase and came as a bit of surprise given that there was no real indication that they were actually planning to launch the beta. However, NetEase claims that they quickly launched the open beta on PC as a way to meet the demands of PC gamers who had been begging the company for a PC client. They obliged.

The PC version includes refined visual effects, improved action sequences, and better flowing animations and frame-rate than its mobile counterpart. Additionally, the graphical resolution has been improved along with the sound quality. Longer draw distances have been implemented along with overall quality of life features being upgraded. Basically, every single aspect of Rules of Survival has been updated and improved over its mobile counterpart.

Said improvements have also extended to the game content as well. The firearms, customization, and item accessories have been increased, allowing for more weapon kits, and armor selections.

Surprisingly, Rules of Survival did not immediately make its way to Steam, so for now the only way people will have found out about it is by the announcement on the official website or for those who have consistently played and kept track of the news through the mobile app.

The game is basically identical to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, featuring tons of players on a single map where they have to survive by scavenging for weapons, using vehicles, and killing everyone in sight until they’re the last person standing.

For more info on the game or to download the free beta client, you can head on over to the official Rules of Survival website.

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