Scorn Second Update Covers Development Plans And Music

Scorn is a first-person shooter with horror adventure elements throughout it. Ebb Software, the developers, have been silent for a while but they finally released the second development update post explaining Scorn’s foreseeable future and music.

Ebb Software have made it known that no console (PS4 and Xbox One) version will release any time soon, and that they’ll work on a PC version that will release on Steam as a complete game and on GOG without DRM.

I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing, but Scorn will release in two parts, with the first part planned to release this year. The purpose of breaking the game down into two parts will help better ascertain concepts and ideas that Ebb Software haven’t completely nailed down just yet.

Upon changing these concepts and trying to fit them in a different scope would drastically change the whole structure of the game, something the second part will be able to do without major changes. However there will be no DLC, expansions or sequels to cash-in on backers or gamers alike.

With that said, the developers are hard at work and ready for a “development marathon” run. So far everything is going according to plan and they hope for future development to go smoothly.

As we speak, the team happens to be optimizing player experience and tweaking difficulty in the first couple of levels. Bugs, PC optimization, and other environmental assets and art choices are still under revision.

As for something that’s finished comes two of the game’s OST, which happens to be that of composer Adis Kutkut (Aethek) Structure223 and Cleansing.

The music has a very heavy yet cold feel to it, resembling something that you’d hear from the band Tool. With the mix of ambient and abstract sounds overlay with an industrial sound opts for a perfect match of what Scorn strives to offer visually.

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