Sega Europe To Publish New Narrative Driven Intellectual Property

In recent news, Sega Europe has partnered with Interior Night to help with a brand new IP. This partnership will lead to Sega Europe publishing a game by Interior Night that’s “narrative driven”.

This new game that Sega Europe will be publishing is said to hold mature themes and the developer, Interior Night, has its sights aimed at developing narrative games that resemble mature TV shows.

The news about this information comes from Moreover, Interior Night has been employing staff members and developers who have connections with games like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls.

If you don’t know, Interior Night is a studio founded by former Quantic Dream lead Caroline Marchal. This can be dated back to October 2017.

This will be the studio’s first game, so it’s unclear how it will pan out in the grand scheme of things. The game could exit development as a working/complete game or it could be a mess.

What is known is the following information by John Clark, Executive Vice President of Publishing at Sega Europe, and Caroline Machal, CEO of Interior Night:

“Signing this deal with Interior Night is another great step for Sega in terms of working with talented studios whether they’re established or embarking on a new journey whilst exploring our desire to launch new franchises and experiences. We’re really looking forward to working with Interior Night as their combined talents and imaginations evolve into a really strong narrative driven gaming experience.”

The above was followed up by Machal saying:

“We are very excited to work with Sega on our first narrative game. Sega have demonstrated a strong desire to take risks, innovate and work collaboratively with studios. With their help and support, we’re confident Interior Night can deliver a great narrative experience to existing gamers and to a broader audience.”

Lastly, more information about this partnership and the narrative driven IP can be found over on


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