Sega Reveals Count Down Website For New Arcade Game

Sega has a new count down website that has currently gone live, and there’s a mysterious game featured on the site at the moment. “Senki” or “war record” is depicted in the URL, followed by a backdrop of floating islands and a clock that will reveal said game on January 19th at 15:00 JST.

After Sega announced that it would help Two Point Studio reveal a new game, the company had its sub-division Sega Interactive collaborate with Two Point not long afterward. The reveal of this new game will take place on January 19th.

The interesting thing about this count down website is that it features subtle changes or hints as to what it will be when revealed as time goes on. As the giant clock in the back rotates, winding down to unveil this arcade game, a character now sits on the throne-like chair.

We can see this change by comparing the header image to the image underneath it taken not too long ago. You can view the image below right here:

For the keen-eyed person or people out there, the hours glasses surrounding the once empty throne have also depleted. There’s no telling if more characters or hints will drop as the hour glasses slowly empty, but we do have three days to go before the reveal.

Something that I’m curious about with this project, is it an actual arcade game or is it a real game that mirrors arcade-like gameplay? I would love to see Sega bring a new or old arcade-like game to the forefront that features a legit story and unique gameplay elements.

Anyway, the once four-day and now three-day countdown will end on January 19th at 15:00 JST. If this whole thing has piqued your interest and you would like to know more about it, you can head on over to


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