Shenmue 3 Screenshots Show Environments And Less Derpy Faces

New screenshots showing Shenmue 3 reveal that of environments and less derpy looking faces. The game was most notably under fire for poor character quality, however it looks like YS Net and Deep Silver have fixed such problems for the PC and PS4 game.

According to Cedric Biscay and Magic Monaco new screenshots and info have circulated regarding Shenmue 3. It is said that Ys Net will debut new screenshots and gameplay details of Shenmue 3 during an upcoming event.

This event happens to be the Monaco Anime Game International Conference 2018 or for short MAGIC 2018, which is set to kick-off on February 24th. This was also announced by Shenmue 3 affiliate Shibuya Productions at a press conference.

On the topic of events, special guests to appear at MAGIC 2018 include that of Yu Suzuki — creator behind the Shenmue series of games. He will likely talk all things Shenmue 3, given that he’s featured below:

  • Yu Suzuki – (Shenmue III)
  • Yoji Shinkawa – (Kojima Productions)
  • Oskar Guilbert – (Dontnod CEO)
  • Philippe Moreau – (Vampyr director)

The good news is that a few new screenshots of Shenmue 3 were shared ahead of the MAGIC 2018 event, and the first image of those three looks miles better than previous screenshots shared as seen below.

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The first of the three shows much better facial features and promising character designs when compared to earlier screenshots, much like the ones seen above.

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The other two screenshots are environment screens and they don’t look bad, however the environment never seemed to be that much of a problem when fans viewed them, but the real issue they had were with the characters.

Given that progress has been made on the faces, hopefully the animations will follow suit. In the meantime, Shenmue 3 is due out for PC and PS4 sometime during the mid-part of this year. The game will see a physical and digital release thanks to publisher Deep Silver.


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