Shoujo City, 3D Yuri Dating Sim Makes Its Way Into Early Access on Steam
Shoujo City

The developers behind Shoujo City have recently released the game into Early Access on Steam. The game is currently available for $9.99. It’s a yuri dating simulator that combines the character development of a typical bishoujo visual novel, with the mini-games and exploration of a 3D dating simulator.

The game allows you customize and dress up your female character, and then proceed to go on visual-novel style dates with your girlfriend.

The hook for the game is that each player gets their own unique girlfriend that has her own look, quirks, likes and dislikes. Players will attempt to navigate through the sim in order to win over their girlfriend’s heart with gifts, activities, and even cooking for her. You can check out the gameplay video below courtesy of Bijuu Mike to see what Shoujo City is like.

The game goes deep into Otaku culture, giving gamers lots to do, such as collecting figurines, using the computer, and even being able to acquire and date a dakimakura of your favorite waifu. Yes, this game is so deep it’s like the meta-meme of Otaku culture.

It’s somewhat of a mix of Yandere Simulator meets The Sims. It’s an odd pairing but I’m a little surprised there aren’t more games like it given how lo-fi it is.

The trick to the game is that you have to figure out what your girlfriend likes in order to increase your love capacity for her. There are plenty of trick questions sprinkled throughout as you engage in conversations while exploring Tokyo and engaging in mini-games.

Shoujo City - Customization

The full version of SHoujo City will contain a beachfront, an amusement park, and the Akihabara area known for the arcades, manga stands, and electronic shops… the perfect place in which to indulge your Otaku nature.

The developers also plan on adding additional activities to the game, such as cosplay events, music events, sports clubs, and more. There’s also plans to expand on the girlfriend personality types, so that there are more traits and reactions based on different girlfriend archetypes.

At the moment there are three locations implemented into the game, and a few mini-game and dating activities. It’s been in development for a year already and according to the developer it will take another two years to complete. Yes, Shoujo City’s full version won’t graduate from Early Access until 2020.

If you wanted to learn more or keep track of the Early Access development, feel free to visit the Steam store page.


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