SJW Writers Attempt To Get Ethan Van Sciver Fired From DC Comics
Ethan Van Sciver

Polygon contributor and Comic Book Resource writer, Kieran Shiach, is continuing to rally his followers in an attempt to get DC Comics artist Ethan Van Sciver fired.

Shiach is no longer even hiding the fact that he wants Sciver out from DC and is doing whatever he can to make it happen.

Shiach explained across a series of tweets on January 29th, 2018

“On one hand I worry that it seems like an obvious conflict of interest because I’ve been subject to harassment from [Ethan Van Sciver] and [Diversity and Comics].


On the other hand, if every reporter recused themselves because the subject started disparaging them, there’s be no politics reporters.


I’m still of two minds about it, but I’m grateful that it seems more people know about who Ethan Van Sciver really is than they did a year or even a month ago.


He’s obviously scared.


He knows DC are aware of it, because I’ve asked their PR department for comment.


More and more pros are coming out to condemn him.


I like to hope that his time is up, but we’ll see. There’s still lots of work to do to get DC to acknowledge it.


“I’m wondering if we can’t get DC to address it directly, if a grassroots movement might help.


“Maybe a hashtag? I’m leaning towards #EVSOut but I’m open to suggestions.”

Shiach has been going after Ethan Van Sciver for quite some time, looking for ways to get him outed from DC Comics. Shiach previously led a charge to get the Patreon account for the YouTube channel Diversity & Comics shut down, because Diversity & Comics criticizes Marvel and DC’s SJW-laden comic books.

This follows a trend of some Social Justice Warriors allegedly using violence against a pizza parlor where Sciver was going to meet and greet fans, as well as organizing in private groups to harass and attempt to get Marvel and DC to fire Conservatives like Sciver and artist Jon Malin.

So what prompted for this latest wave of targeted harassment from those in the Social Justice Warrior community? Well, it turns out that Ethan Van Sciver did artwork for Jordan Peterson’s book, so now the SJWs are trying to get Sciver fired from DC.

A writer for The Atlantic, Asher Elbein, reached out to Sciver claiming that he wanted to do an article about the situation involving Sciver, but when Sciver attempted to show him that SJWs were harassing him, Elbein blocked Sciver and cut off all communication.

Journalist Nick Monroe compiled a number of tweets as well, showcasing the evidence that Sciver attempted to share with Elbein for his upcoming piece scheduled for publication at The Atlantic.

To avoid any evidence that runs contrary to the stories that Shiach and Elbein are attempting to paint of Sciver, the duo have been blocking people from messaging them or sending them evidence of SJWs harassing Sciver.

This follows on Elbein attempting to rally people to send him evidence of Sciver “harassing” people. This was also accompanied by Facebook posts from  Doom Rocket editor Jarrod Jones and Chunk Kelly threatening violence if Sciver shows up at the Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, Washington, as reported by Bounding Into Comics.

The only evidence of harassment that Sciver’s opposition could come up with was, ironically enough, a tweet from Sciver pointing out the disingenuous nature of Shiach and Elbein’s approach to crafting their narrative.

I attempted to reach out to Asher Elbein on his approach to writing the story for The Atlantic… but he has me blocked on Twitter.

[Update 1/30/2018:] Following the publication of the article, editor-in-chief at The Atlantic, Jefferey Goldberg, posted a tweet online indicating that Asher Elbein is not an employee at the outlet and that he’s currently not assigned any projects at the moment.


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