Politicians Approve $7.9 Million Grant For Indie Developers In Spain

It has been reported that Àlvaro Nadal, Spain’s minister of digital agendas, has approved a grant that will see over $7.9 million, or €6.5 million, made available for indie developers in Spain. This grant is triple of that of the original proposition by the Spanish government.

Whether you live in Spain or not or you’re working with an indie dev from said location, it is reported by gamesindustry.biz that Àlvaro Nadal has approved a grant that will see over $7.9 million or €6.5 million made available for indie developers in Spain. This news comes after Nadal cancelled a $2.4 million or €2 million grant, which would have been used to fund the country’s indie game development scene.

According to elpaís.com, the original grant was stifled after changes within the DEV, which is a Spanish video game organization. A group of DEV members met up with game developers at a presentation event in Madrid, where the new grant was discussed/announced.

According to DEV president Luis Quintans, the future of said industry depends, to a large extent, on indie studios:

“The future of our industry depends, to a large extent, on the success of independent studies and the employment that we can generate for future professionals”.

All of the bits and pieces or terms of the new grant will be further detailed next month, but thanks to the former publication site we know that the funds are aimed at game companies with a turnover of less than $2.4 million or €2 million per year. Applicable developers that have been active for at least six months can apply for up to $183,000 or €150,000.

According to the former publication site, the nation was home to 480 game companies, but it has dwindled down to 450 when 30 closed down back in 2016.

It is said that the $7.9 million or €6.5 million grant will help grow smaller and newer indie companies. However, we’ll find out how this program will turn out when it’s detailed next month.


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