Square Enix Shows Off Dragon Quest Builders Switch Screenshots
(Last Updated On: January 3, 2018)

Dragon Quest Builders will be heading to the Nintendo Switch on February 9th and will bring with it exclusive content. In the meantime Square Enix is attempting to pump up gamers ahead of Dragon Quest Builders’ Switch release by shipping a batch of new screenshots.

If you recall, Dragon Quest Builders launched for PS3, PS Vita, and PS4 back in 2016. Adding on to the list of consoles it shipped on comes the addition of the Nintendo Switch.

The 2016 game still sees you assuming the role of a legendary Builder, constructing rooms, towns, and defenses while fighting, well… monsters. Building freely, sharing creations online, and fighting in arenas will still be a thing in the 2018 Switch version. It’s worth noting that exclusive content will be nestled in this version that pays homage to its roots.

Without further ado, you can examine Square Enix’s newly posted screenshots of Dragon Quest Builders Switch version below:

According to both Nintendo and Square Enix, the Switch version of Dragon Quest Builders will feature stuff like more monsters and Pixels. A new ability to gather materials in Free Build Mode will be a thing, as well as riding the Great Sabrecub.

The Great Sabrecub will double as a mount and a way to attack monsters with its deadly sharp claws, and if a monster dies by the Sabrecub it will drop special materials called “Pixels.” Upon collecting pixels you can make pixel blocks on a “Famicom cartridge workstation” that can be used to recreate original Dragon Quest assets from the Famicom.

Square Enix is also working on Dragon Quest Builders 2; the publisher revealed the sequel at Dragon Quest Festival in Tokyo, Japan back in August, 2017.

But if you don’t want to wait for DQB2 and want to play something on the Switch early next month, Dragon Quest Builders will launch on February 9th in the West, and on March 1st in Japan.

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