Star Citizen Raised $34 Million In 2017; Video Games On Kickstarter Raised $17 Million
Star Citizen Funds
(Last Updated On: January 5, 2018)

According to the general numbers for the video game crowdfunding projects on Kickstarter and Star Citizen’s overall funding drive throughout 2017, it turns out that Roberts Space Industries’ space sim has sourced more money than the video game contingent of Kickstarter.

Saved You A Click Vidya edition summed up all the numbers from the lengthy Polygon article within the span of 280 characters.

According to the report, Star Citizen generated $34.91 million in crowdfunding throughout 2017. Kickstarter only generated $17.25 million in 2017, slightly down from $17.6 million in 2016. That’s a small piece of the $172 million raised in general for games throughout 2017, including video and board games.

So all of video games combined still couldn’t equate to what gamers spent on Star Citizen.

Scam-fatigued was the number one culprit that most people pointed to when it came to Kickstarter’s decidedly smaller intake throughout 2017.

Lots of Kickstarter projects have either failed to deliver or delivered in poor enough form that gamers have opted out of supporting projects on the platform. Fewer top-name games have been pitched, many titles are also derivative, or sequels, or spiritual successors. One of the few games that gained a lot of attraction recently is a game called Sessions, which actually looks like a quality-made title.

But beyond a rare sunflower in a bed of weeds, most Kickstarter video game projects just generated a lot less interest compared to the heyday, before all the scams and failures popped up.

Some might say “But isn’t Star Citizen a scam?” and to that I say: go watch some actual gameplay of alpha 3.0 on YouTube.

It may be taking Cloud Imperium Games a long time (and rightfully so), but what they have at present in its current playable state is more robust and in-depth than most finished AAA games, which is a said indictment on the current state of gaming.

CIG and Foundry 42 are currently still hard at work on finishing up the Squadron 42 cinematic single-player campaign while also simultaneously working on the MMO portion.

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