Star Traders: Frontiers Cheats Enable Super Hull, Super Full, XP And HP
Star Traders Cheats
(Last Updated On: January 1, 2018)

Trese Brothers’ roguelike star-faring role-playing game, Star Traders: Frontiers, entered into Early Access on Steam back in the fall of 2017. The game is still moving through the design process and has already picked up quite a following. For gamers play-testing the title or want to experiment with certain kind of play schemes, there’s a cheat trainer available for Star Traders: Frontiers.

The premium cheat trainer recently became available for download over on the Cheat Happens page.

The updated trainer contains the following cheats:

  • Credits
  • Super Hull
  • Super Fuel
  • Quickness
  • Strength
  • Fortitude
  • Wisdom
  • Charisma
  • Resilience
  • HP
  • Morale
  • XP
  • Level
  • Job Points
  • Talent Points

So just a little explanation here, the various cheats affect the stats of your crew. So the different characters can have their HP, XP or morale affected when the time comes to head into the crew-vs-crew battles during boarding segments.

However, if your main issue is dealing with the space travel and combat, the codes at the top of the trainer will affect your ship, such as the hull and the fuel. You can also upgrade your ship using the credits cheat.

If you’re unsure about the game itself, it’s like a miniature version of a 4x grand strategy game. You equip your ship, hire you crew, and travel around a star map to make deliveries, become a pirate, become a smuggler, become a bounty hunter, or just carve out your own adventure in anyway that you see fit.

The game focuses heavily on an adaptive narrative based on your decisions and the relationships you build or destroy with other characters in the galaxy. Of course, every decision you make will need to be carefully done because in this roguelike space adventure game, one bad choice can result in permadeath.

You can also build out your own vessel using the modular ship creator, mixing and matching components from a selection of 300 different parts.

If you’re interested in Star Traders: Frontiers, you can learn more about the game by visiting the Steam store page.

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