The Story Goes On, Story-Shaping RPG Set To Launch On PS4, Xbox One February 14th

The Story Goes On

Kiss Publishing and Scarecrow Arts announced that the quirky indie game, The Story Goes On, is set to arrive on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next month on February 14th. The game is currently in Steam Early Access, and it has been in there since June 11th, 2015. With the launch on home consoles next month, the developers will also graduate the game from Early Access as well.

The CEO of Scarecrow Arts, Malcolm Smith, explained how they needed Early Access to really help refine the gameplay and mechanics. Smith mentioned in the press release that the Steam community offered a lot of critical feedback and critiques of the gameplay that ultimately helped them shape The Story Goes On so that it could be the best that it could be, saying…

“The Story Goes On has always been a hugely ambitious project, and the Early Access community have been incredibly helpful in refining our vision. What makes this game so special is the ability for each player to experience something truly unique, from the soundtrack, to the environments to the combat and puzzles, everyone’s story will be theirs alone.”

The game itself centers around traveling through various environments set within a storybook being written by a crazy author. The remainder of the story is shaped by the player, as they venture through a constantly changing gameplay experience that combines combat, boss fights and puzzle-solving into a single gameplay experience.

You can see what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

The game combines random world generation for different story outcomes, permeadeath, and more than 20 bosses to defeat.

You can loot more than 50 different items as you complete puzzles and overcome the challenge rooms, and you can also experience an adaptive soundtrack that changes based on how your story unfolds.

This seems like a niche game that certain players might like when it comes to experimenting with gameplay progression and shaping a story centered around experiences that best appeal to them.

The top-down rogue-like RPG will graduate from Early Access in conjunction with its launch on the PS4 and Xbox One starting February 14th. If you wanted to learn more about The Story Goes On, you can visit the Steam app page.

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