Strikers Edge, Medieval Dodgeball Launches For PS4, Steam
Strikers Edge Launches

Fun Punch Games and Playdius’ Strikers Edge has recently become available for the PlayStation 4 and on Steam for PC for $14.99. PC gamers get the extra benefit of a week-long discount at 17% off, making the game available for $12.44.

Strikers Edge features both multiplayer and single-player content, with a full-on campaign mode, along with local co-op and local versus modes that range from 1-vs-1 matches to 2-vs-2 matches themed around eight playable characters known as “strikers”.

The gameplay is very similar to Windjammers, but instead of throwing a high-tech Frisbee back and forth against each other, you’re using arrows, javelins and spears. The gameplay concept is simple but there’s definitely depth to the skill curve. You can check it out with the launch trailer below.

The single-player campaign is themed around uncovering the backgrounds for each of the playable characters, as you’ll battle it out across four different arenas.

The developers also included Twitch integration for top streamers who want to be able to play and interact with their audience at the same time. Also, viewers watching on stream can participate in the match by interacting as active members of the crowd, cheering and jeering and booing and hissing depending on how the match goes and who’s winning. If the developers focus on ensuring that the game plays out well enough, it could end developing a hardcore, organic following.

Unfortunately the female characters are themed around appealing to the sex-negative hooligans in the media industry, so if you were hoping for Japanese-themed female character designs for the arena competitors, you’ll be thoroughly disappointed.

Shortly after release the developers did issue a patch, detailing it over on the Steam community page, where they detailed some of the fixes to the gameplay and some balancing for a few of the glitches that were present in the game.

You can learn more about Strikes Edge by hitting up the official website.


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