Switchblade, Vehicular MOBA Closed Beta Sign-Ups For PS4 Are Live
Switchblade Beta Test

Lucid Games is currently working on a new multiplayer battle arena game called Switchblade. Yes, some developers are still trying to get in on that sweet, sweet MOBA money. The hook for Switchblade, however, is that it’s a mix of real-time strategy combat with lane-controlling MOBA gameplay.

Gamers interested in playing Switchblade for the very first time will be able to do so starting January 22nd by registering on the CBT sign-up page.

So the game is described as a vehicular MOBA title, according to the project director Jeff Lewis and the creative director Craig Howard.

The duo gave a short interview over on the PlayStation Blog where they explained that it may use the rules of a MOBA but you get to swap out your vehicles on the fly while escorting an explosive convoy to your opponent’s base. The objective is to get the convoy to the base and destroy your opponent’s core to pick up the win. Easy right? Well, the difficulty comes into play when your opponent also has to get to your base and attempt to blow up your core.

It’s a back and forth game to see who can blow their load first.

I suppose the real highlight for Switchblade is in the fact that it’s a free-to-play title, but even more than that you won’t need a PlayStation Plus subscription to enjoy the game.

This means any and everyone is encouraged to hop in, give it a try and see if they like it. There’s no commitment or worry about losing anything other than time and bandwidth.

If the hook is solid and the gameplay mechanics are fresh, I could easily see this becoming another sleeper smash hit like Rocket League.


Of course, before we get that far we first have to get past the closed beta test, and so for those of you interested in the game you can sign-up now, give it a go when the CBT gets underway on January 22nd, and see if it’s something that might be able to rekindle your interest in the PlayStation 4.


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