Taps Of Eradine, Monster-Girl 18+ Browser Game Launches On Nutaku
Taps of Eradine

Nutaku announced that another new adult-themed clicker game has joined their ranks of browser-based titles that will have you clicking more than just your mouse after getting past the main menu screen. The name of the game is called Taps of Eradine, and this clicker is all about recruiting monster-girl nymphs into your ever growing harem, and then proceeding to evolve them, train them, and then getting them all lewd once they grow up.

According to managing director, David Brown, from Cryptid Tech, the game started as a miniature demo showcase from another title currently available on Nutaku called Shards of Eradine. However, after fleshing out the mini-game, adding more nymphs, and turning it into a combination of Tap Titans and Pokemon, the studio eventually evolved Taps of Eradine into a full-fledged game.

The browser-based clicker game features three stages of nymph evolution, with multiple forms of monster-girls to unlock totaling 40 nymphs, and more than 200 pieces of CG images to obtain. There’s also a dungeon mode to explore.

Taps of Eradine - Dungeon Mode

Part of the hook for the game is that as you attempt to recruit nymphs and journey throughout the land, you’ll encounter some of the characters from the original Shards of Eradine. There are also a variety of super-bosses to encounter as well.

Of course, the 18+ images featured in Taps of Eradine are all uncensored, so if you want to see a variety of monster girls including slime girls, catgirls, seahorse girls, elf girls, flower girls, and demon girls engaged in the kind of hardcore activity that only a 2D waifu would be willing to do, then you can check out Taps of Eradine right now.

The game is free to access as a browser game over on the NSFW Nutaku web portal. However, given that the game is free-to-play, expect plenty of cash shop obstructions along the way.


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