Tekken 7 Surpasses 2.5 Million In Sales, Edges Closer To 3 Million

Tekken 7 Sales

Bandai Namco has managed to meet their target and surpass 2.1 million units before 2018. It was something the company had set in stone back in August of 2017, and now it’s being reported that Bandai finished up 2018 with more than 2.5 million global units being sold of Tekken 7.

Event Hubs is reporting that after a little bit of a slip-up in translation from a 4gamer report, Tekken 7 is fast approaching 3 million in total sales after having surpassed 2.5 million units.

According to Steam Spy, nearly a fifth of those sales belong to PC gamers, showing that they’ve greatly adopted Namco’s fighter with open arms. In fact, Tekken 7 on PC has surpassed Street Fighter V sales on PC, according to Steam Spy. Capcom’s fighter has only managed 344,000 sales on PC.

From May to August 2017, Namco had managed to move 1.6 million units of Tekken 7, tracking an upward sales trajectory much faster across multiple platforms than Street Fighter V within the same time period.

From February, 2016 up until July of 2017, Street Fighter V had managed to move 1.7 million units across PC and PS4. Capcom has been mum about the latest figures, but if Tekken 7 is tracking fast toward 3 million units being sold, then it’s likely safe to say that it surpassed Street Fighter V at this point.

This is great news for Namco as 2018 gets underway, because they have SoulCalibur VI on the horizon. If they manage not to kowtow to Social Justice Warriors or avoid censoring the game, they might be able to pump out another fighter that knocks the sales right out of the park… if it’s handled properly.

For now, Bandai Namco must be happy knowing that Tekken 7 is selling well and making headway in the FGC; having accomplished what Capcom failed to do with Street Fighter V .

(Main image courtesy of Dragon with a Gun)

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