TimeSplitters Rewind Update 2 Explores WIP Assets, Sounds And Progress

Making its debut in the year 2000 and ceasing to exist after 2005 happens to be the TimeSplitters series. After being left dormant for years, the series was picked up by Cinder Interactive Arts and work on TimeSplitters Rewind has been ongoing. Recently, the developers have a new update to share with fans interested in the project.

TimeSplitters was an FPS series that managed to capture the hearts of gamers. Heavily based around time traveling and altering the past in hopes to best either the TimeSplitters or Jacob Crow, TimeSplitters opted for gameplay that was reminiscent to an evolved version of GoldenEye 64.

Fans saturated in the series would see the end of the TimeSplitters series when 2005 rolled around. The good news is that die-hard fans will gain access to a multiplayer-esque version that’s currently in the works by Cinder Interactive Arts.

From the sounds of it, if development goes well over the course of time, fans might gain access to a new version of the three games’ story modes, but for now the multiplayer is the only thing that’s within the developer’s immediate scope.

Without wasting anymore time, both Cinder Interactive Arts and Classyham cover what has been done so far in update 2. The first video only runs for three minutes, while the second video clocks in at six minutes in length.

I should warn you that progress on TimeSplitters Rewind may or may not proceed at a fast pace and is more likely to continue at its current rate with burst of news between lenghty intervals.

Hopefully we can see actual gameplay footage of what’s been done so far, much like Classyham had suggested in his video. Sadly, though, we might not see new info on this project for some time if the past is any indication.

While we wait for Cinder Interactive Arts to drop news on TimeSplitters Rewind’s progress via update 3, you can get additional info over on the project’s Facebook page or tsrewind.com.


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