Transformers Games Removed From Steam, PSN, Xbox Store
Transformers Devastation
(Last Updated On: January 1, 2018)

All the Activision-published Transformers games are no longer available for purchase. This is the new year’s gift from them to you. Aren’t you excited about the forthcoming all-digital future?

Originally on December 21st, 2017 PCGamesN reported that only five Transformers games had been removed from Steam, along with Legend of Korra. They also reported that the games were still available on the Xbox Store.

Later on Niche Gamer reported that Activision didn’t respond to a request for comment, but did confirm that the games were no longer available on Steam or PlayStation Store.

Well, now it’s confirmed that not only are those five titles not available on Steam or PSN, but they’re also no longer available on the Xbox Store either… and it goes for all of the Activision-published Transformers games.

All the games are now blocked out on the store pages, no longer available for purchase.

If you attempt to search them up on Steam or the PlayStation Store, it’s all the same deal.

Many gamers in the Transformers: Devastation thread were… devastated.

There were some asking if this meant they could still play the Transformers games they purchased? The answer is yes. So long as you have the items attached to your account before their removal, you can still reinstall them, even DLC like the G1 retro pack for Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.

I actually bought the DLC before I bought the game because I knew I had to have retro G1 Optimus Prime. I even debated purchasing Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark just to play the classic Transformers, but a lot of the user reviews noted that the game was buggy, unfinished, and had clunky and glitchy gameplay. A real shame.

There’s no telling if or when these games will return for purchase. Previous Activision licensed games also went missing from the digital storefronts, including their Marvel titles during the transition of Disney buying out Marvel. Activision and EA’s James Bond games also went kaput from digital stores after the license to publish the MGM property expired.

There’s no telling if Activision will renew the publishing license for Transformers games. If you missed out on the games there’s always G2A, or you might have to fish around for an Amazon key. But this is just another case of digital distribution biting gamers in the proverbial rear-end.

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