Undermine, Single-Player Survival Game Puts The Sexy Back In Survival-Horror


A first-person survival-horror game from Adam McLellan and Ricardo Chirino is on the way called Undermine. The game is a throwback single-player game themed around exploration, puzzle-solving, and attempting to fend for yourself against the creatures in the cave.

The Panamanian developers have been updating the community regularly about the progress being made on the game, offering regular Steam community updates over on Undermine’s Steam page.

Players take on the role of a sexy explorer who ends up spelunking in the wrong hole. While trapped beneath the surface of the Earth and with little in the way of items, supplies and weapons, players will have to navigate through randomized levels while collecting the notes of miners, and other secret documents to understand what happened in the forbidden cave.

You can see what the gameplay is like for Undermine with the trailer below courtesy of Max Horror.

The gameplay is still pretty rough around the edges but as you can see, the game relies on a lot of dark corridors, some resource scavenging, attempting to outrun mutant rats, and fighting off the zombified miners using pickaxes and drills.

The animations are kind of stiff, and they could use some ragdoll effects for the deaths, but it’s a small project on a tight budget, so it’s not like you could expect too much from the Unity-made game.

On the upside, you can use the environment as an advantage, using fire to inflame enemies, using explosive barrels to kill foes, and even breaking objects or using items as a distraction to sneak past NPC patrols. There are also some rogue-like elements and RPG mechanics to help you get stronger and improve your endurance along the way.

The game is still heavy in development but it’s scheduled to enter into Early Access on Steam at some point this year.

You can keep track of the development of Undermine by visiting the Steam store page. Keep an eye out for the eventual Early Access release of the game.