Valve Announces That It Will Still Make Video Games

As it has been stated and reiterated time again, Valve makes more revenue maintaining their video game platform Steam than actually making video games. But it has been announced by Valve that they’re also still making “games.”

Out of nowhere came a Facebook post not too long ago by video game conglomerate Valve. The publisher, developer and owner of the ever growing platform known as Steam announced that they’re still making “games.”

The information boasting the company’s attempt to provide “games” can be seen in a post distributed on social media platform Facebook:

If you have your Half Life 3, Left 4 Dead 3, Portal 3, Team Fortress 3 or any other “3/sequel” hat on at the moment it’s best to take it off. We all know that Valve’s focus is not on the aforesaid titles, but on games that have a foot in the esports/competitive scene, especially with DOTA 2 and CS:GO accruing mad revenue.

We also see a growing number of publishers and developers focusing heavily on online multiplayer games, so it wouldn’t be too strange to think that Valve will follow suit. Especially when Valve announced the card game version of DOTA 2 titled Artifact last year on August 8th.

As of this writing, the game Artifact has a like/dislike ratio of 5K to 73K. Despite the harsh reception, Valve could likely continue the esports scene and produce another “service type” game and use it as a means of racking up more money.

The true question is, will gamers grow tired of more online multiplayer games flooding the market? We can see this already with Paragon, LawBreakers, Quake Champions, and Battleborn.

Time will tell if Valve will continue down the esports multiplayer competitive scene or if they will produce games that are meant to be fun and enjoyed/modded over the course of time.

You can read the official Facebook post yourself by hitting up

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