Vice Media, Anti-#GamerGate Outlet Fires Mike Germano For Sexual Misconduct

Vice Media GamerGate

Vice Media, one of the leading anti-#GamerGate voices during the consumer revolt from back in 2014, was accused late last year of cultivating a culture of sexual harassment. Yes, the same outlet that consistently berated and falsely attacked #GamerGate for being a harassment campaign against women, is the same outlet that has now fired more than a handful of its employees for alleged sexual assault, sexual harassment, and sexual misconduct.

The latest head to roll at the supposedly hip media empire is the chief digital officer, Mike Germano, who has reportedly been fired after a meeting took place on Tuesday, January 30th, 2018, to address the matter.

The Wrap is reporting that while Vice Media has avoided making any public statements, there was an e-mail memo sent out to employees on Tuesday to confirm the news. The memo was shared with The Wrap, where Vice Media COO and CFO, Sarah Broderick, wrote…

“As you are aware, Mike Germano has been on leave and I want to let you know that he will not be returning to the company,”

The firing comes on the heels of Germano’s suspension at the beginning of January of 2018, which took place after an exposé was published at the New York Times.

Germano joins several others who have also been fired from Vice Media after allegations about misconduct surfaced, including former president of Vice Media, Andrew Creighton, who was suspended after news about a $135,000 sexual harassment settlement was made public.

Vice had positioned itself as a “progressive” media outlet that was supposed to champion women’s rights, and was constantly at the ready to denigrate and berate #GamerGate on the false grounds of it being a harassment campaign. However, it’s quite ironic that some of Vice’s most vocal attackers against #GamerGate and proud proclaimers of being male feminists ended up getting fired for allegedly mistreating women.

(Thanks for the news tip Hawk Hopper)