Weekly Recap Jan 13th: Google Sued, Twitter Exposed, Game Devs Dig Diversity
Weekly Recap Jan 13th 2018

Oh boy, what a week, eh? We’re only into the second full week of 2018 and things are already getting spicier than a special sauce-drenched bucket of KFC in a Charlie Sheen sex tape. SocJus institutions are getting sued, Leftist propaganda platforms are being exposed like Sinbad to little kids, and a bunch of websites shouted to the high heavens when they were put in Google’s gulag for wrongthink.

The week ending on January 13th, 2018 was just off the charts. We had one fifth of game developers registered with the IGDA saying that diversity in video games is more important than a game with quality gameplay content. And then we had SNK and NISA churn out an anti-SJW fighting game for the Nintendo Switch filled to the brim with bouncing boobs and bubbly butts – the sort of thing Koei Tecmo used to distribute in the West before they cucked out to SJWs – it’s just crazy. These stories and so much more in this January 13th, 2018 edition of the Weekly Recap.


GameRanx Apologizes For Stealing A Video
Some YouTube drama took place, involving GameRanx stealing footage from a much smaller YouTube channel, the outlet apologized after being confronted by thousands of Redditors who were pitchfork and torched up from top to bottom. Oats Studios, headed up by Neill Blomkamp, will be seeking full funding for a full length feature film of Firebase, their highly regarded sci-fi horror short from last year. Rumors persist that Ivy will be returning to SoulCalibur VI, alongside Taki and a few other fan favorites. Let’s hope Namco doesn’t skimp out on the skimpy outfits and kowtow to SJWs. CIG published a rebuttal to Crytek and also publicized the GLA between Crytek and CIG for Star Citizen, and it’s really not looking good for Crytek. And the Nintendo Switch has not only been softmodded, but you can now run homebrew SNES, NES and Atari Jaguar emulators on the Switch.


Google Gets Sued By James Damore For Racial Discrimination

Google was in the news for two big reasons. The first is that former engineer James Damore has gone through with suing the company for racial discrimination and for fostering a hostile employee atmosphere by encouraging SJWs to harass and attack Conservatives and Trump supporters who worked at Google. It’s not just a he-said/she-said scenario either, there is a ton of ample evidence to support Damore’s claims. The second major piece of news regarding Google is that they attempted to wipe out hundreds of alternative media websites from the GNews search filter, but they get caught, called out, and eventually reversed the decision. Valve and HTC announced that a new wireless Vive Pro is on the way… set to release during the third quarter of 2018. And Daedalic Entertainment explained why they removed the rape scene and sexual violence from Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth.


21% of Game Devs Want To See The Industry Burn With Diversity

In an IGDA survey conducted for 2017, 21% of developers noted that they would prefer to see more games featuring diversity in gaming. In fact, they felt that the games should focus on diversity being a core element within the game. An even larger percentage felt that diversity was important in the workplace. Thankfully, a good percentage of developers still think that video game quality trumps diversity. The PS4’s lifetime sales have eclipsed 73.6 million units, allowing it to quickly close in on the 100 million mark. CD Projekt Red has begun ramping up promotion of Cyberpunk 2077 by reviving the Twitter account for the game. Creative Assembly and Sega have decided to take the Total War franchise to China, this time focusing on the Three Kingdoms during the era of dynasties with Total War: Three Kingdoms. And Sony plans on rolling out more than 130 games for the PlayStation VR throughout 2018.


Twitter Exposed In Undercover Sting

The anti-Conservative bias from Twitter was exposed in an undercover sting operation by Project Veritas, where they revealed that Twitter’s staff are mostly regressive Leftists with an itchy finger on the trigger of censorship. They’re also working on new AI algorithms to further censor the platform of Conservative rhetoric and talk. After tons of complaints from SJWs and the Asian community, YouTube suspended some of Paul Logan’s projects and added a strike to his account. Even then some people still weren’t happy with the outcome. On the upside, NISA and SNK have teamed up together for SNK Heroines for the Nintendo Switch and PS4, which focuses solely on SNK’s lovely ladies from a variety of their fighting and action games, such as Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting and King of Fighters. The best part about it is that the game is a full-on anti-SJW game, featuring tight butts, big bouncy breasts, and hot skimpy customizable outfits you can slap on the female fighters. It’s the kind of game that Koei Tecmo no longer has the balls to sell in the West. And speaking of the Switch, Dark Souls and The World Ends With You are both coming to the Switch.


Kotaku Called Out For Unethical E-Sports Reporting

Another year means another scandal when it comes to outlets lacking ethical standards and practicing shoddy journalism. Obviously, it means at the top of the crop there’s going to be Kotaku, who didn’t even bother to contact the person they did a story about and decided to “start a conversation” about a female e-sports star in order to create some stirring controversy. It turns out that one e-sports consultant did reach out to her but she declined to be a part of the story because she didn’t want to be involved in Kotaku’s manufactured controversy. For shame. Two new Halo games are rumored to be in development over at 343 Industries, but gamers are quite leery given the studios’ past history with the Halo franchise. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is still caught up in a web of controversy as gamers are now directing their ire toward the Chinese, hoping to keep them out of the game or to region-lock them out of European and North American servers. And NIS America has confirmed that the super sexy fighting game, SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy, will release in the West uncensored.


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