Weekly Recap Jan 6th: Intel Meltdown, Vice Sex Pests Outed Again, AMD Vs DX9
Weekly Recap Jan 6th 2018
(Last Updated On: January 6, 2018)

What a strange start to 2018. We’ve had an exploit get exposed that will turn the CPU market on its head, potentially destroying Intel in the process. AMD shot themselves in the foot with some retard-levels of PR mishandling regarding the Adrenalin drivers that axed support for a lot of DirectX 9 games, and Vice had some of their top executives outed and suspended for sexual misconduct… again!

The actual start of the week saw SJWs attempting to blame #GamerGate for Swatting acts, but hopefully normies didn’t fall for it. And the World Health Organization is intent on turning gaming into a health hazard in 2018. These stories and more in this January 6th, 2018 edition of the Weekly Recap.


SJWs Attempt To Pin Swatting On #GamerGate

Nothing is beneath the outrageous antics of Social Justice Warriors. The group has stooped to a new low, attempting to pin the recent Wichita, Kansas murder of Andrew Finch on #GamerGate. In slightly less dark news, Activision’s Transformers games have been removed from Steam, PSN and Xbox Live. There is no word so far on when or if they’ll even return. There’s an editorial about EA’s microtransaction practices and whether or not curbing some of their more predatory ways may result in game prices going up. Bungie can’t seem to catch a break these days, and it’s not because of things they didn’t do but rather things they did deliberately… like capping glimmer in Destiny 2. And it appears as if there’s a new BioShock in the works, especially since one of the designers on BioShock Infinite has come back into the development fold.


AMD Screws Themselves Over

AMD managed to find themselves in the cross hairs of controversy when a tech support stated that the company wouldn’t be prioritizing DirectX 9 games anymore after the release of the Adrenalin drivers that caused the DX9 games to stop working. However, AMD later came back to rectify those claims and put to rest what the tech support said by stating that they would be updating the Adrenalin drivers. Nexon also blamed PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for the poor sales reception and player engagement of Lawbreakers. Fire Pro Wrestling World is headed to PS4 this summer, and it’s arriving with official support from the NJPW roster. And the World Health Organization is also adding “Hazardous Gaming” to the draft line-up, ensuring that there will be double the dosage of negative gaming influence in this year’s ICD-11 proposal.


More Male Feminists Outed

Vice had to suspend two of its top executives for sexual misconduct. This was followed by news that Huffington Post also had one of its own outed for being a physical abuser, despite constantly claiming that he was a male feminist and chastising others with his words for not being feminist enough. IGN’s former editor-in-chief was fired for misconduct, which many believes ties back into previous claims of sexual misconduct. A Slender Man movie is on the way, but it’s most certainly not quite up to par to what a lot of fans might have been expecting. Intel has been caught in a scandal that sees nearly 20 years worth of chips compromised, and the fix will hit customers where it hurts the most… performance.

Civilization VI Continues To Anger Ethnic Groups

Firaxis came under fire for creating the Cree Nation in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall. Why did they come under fire? Because the real life Cree Nation felt as if Firaxis and 2K should have consulted with them first before adding the Cree to the game. On the flipside, Firaxis did attempt to fix the Korean leader they added to the game, even though people still think it’s a slap in the face to South Koreans. The playable alpha for Battalion 1944 begins today. Speaking of betas… the final beta for Monster Hunter World will get underway January 18th. Also, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter will launch on the Xbox One starting January 19th. And there are still rumors flying around that a Burnout Paradise HD remaster is coming to the Xbox One and PS4 at some point later this year, with a listing pointing to a March 16th release date.

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