Winning Putt Nude Mod Strips Down The Female Golfers
Winning Putt Nude Mod

A nude mod for the online golfing game, Winning Putt, has become available. The mod is actually based around files that were already present in the game folders, where the female character models already had a nude skin. It still took a lot of work and a lot of decrypting to get things running properly, but like the old saying goes: where there’s a hot video game lady, there’s a nude mod on the way.

Modder Felldude recently uploaded the files and made them available for everyone, and you can download the Winning Putt nude mod right now from over on the Undertow.Club page. There’s also an updated version of the mod available over on Felldude’s Patreon page.

The CryEngine-powered online sports title from Bandai Namco and Webzen has gained quite the following since its release back in the fall of 2016. Advanced boob physics, and sexy female characters made it instantly popular with many young male gamers.

It was just a matter of time before the nude mods started popping up, and oh boy are they popping up.

As Felldude points out, you can also remove all the costumes so that they disappear from the characters by removing the following files and putting them into a different folder:

  • objectsCWca.pak
  • objectsCWch.pak
  • objectsCWfc.pak
  • objectsCWgl.pak
  • objectsCWha.pak
  • objectsCWop.pak
  • objectsCWpa.pak
  • objectsCWsh1.pak
  • objectsCWsho.pak
  • objectsCWsun.pak

Now there are still some issues with the mod, as it has some color tone glitches with darker-skinned characters, but there are a few text script workarounds by changing the strings in the mat files.

They’re also still working on the lower half of the models, where it’s not just about stripping the characters out of their tighty-whities, but also adding some very detailed genitalia to the characters as well.

As you can see in the trailer below, the female characters are already designed to be zipper magnets, especially with the built in jiggle physics and a wide array of cosplay clothes to suit your many desires.

The mod basically just took things a step further.

Bouts should be a lot more interesting with the mod installed.

If you’re interested in checking the game out, you can do so by visiting the official Winning Putt website.

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