Wolfenstein 2: The Diaries Of Agent Silent Death Gameplay Walkthrough
Wolfenstein 2 The Diaries of Agent Silent Death Walkthrough

Bethesda and MachineGames released the latest DLC pack for Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, this time following Jessica Valentine, who is similar in name to third-wave feminist and pundit Jessica Valenti – almost like how the previous DLC lead, Joseph Stallion, was a homophone for Josef Stalin. Gamers quickly realized that Wolfenstein 2 has been nothing more than Leftist propaganda. Nevertheless, for people who already pledged their soul to the deconstruction of the free world and own a copy of Wolfenstein 2, there is a walkthrough available for the newest downloadable content, Agent of Silent Death.

You’ll find a complete gameplay walkthrough available for the new Wolfenstein 2 content – which is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One – from YouTuber RabidRetrospectGames.

The DLC is only half an hour long. It follows Jessica Valiant, the wife of OSA agent Jack Valiant.

The DLC centers around three assassination targets that Valiant will have to take out:

  • Hans Stiglitz
  • Chuck Lorentz
  • Gerhardt Dunkel

Those three were responsible for killing Jessica’s husband, Jack.

The DLC starts with Jessica putting a silencer on her pistol and making her way through the air vents. Valiant has access to throwing knives and a silenced pistol at the start. Make your way through the linear air vent and into the main hall of the command center. There are a couple of Nazi guards you can silently take out with the throwing knives and silenced pistol.

Make your way upstairs where two more patrolling Nazis are located. You can kill them with the silenced pistol before they even react. Unlike BJ or Joseph, the alarms don’t readily go off for Jessica, so you have more leeway in scouring the halls and getting seen without triggering the entirety of Nazi high command.

Head through the halls into the meeting room to kill one of the commanders, and then make your way down the hall until you reach the open offices that lead upstairs.

Proceed up to the third floor and take out the commander. You may have a slightly difficult time with the Nazi mech patrolling around, but you can easily dispatch him with the machine guns.

Kill Hans, head into the office, take the notepad and exit through the window.

Your second target is actor Chuck Lorentz.

Lorentz is a late night talk show host, not unlike the patriotic-bereft anti-nationalists like Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon or Stephen Colbert.

You’ll have to sneak into the perverse Hollywood studios to take out the Nazis and the Hollywood collaborators working with the Nazis.

Make your way through the first studio, head upstairs and then out of the balcony and into the second studio where they’re shooting a war film. Kill the stagehands and the Nazi guards.

Head into the office through the studio stage and then head out the other side and you’ll find a small vent you can crawl through; this will lead to more Nazis and an office.

Head through to the back halls and there’s yet another air vent for you to crawl through, which leads to a Nazi sound stage made out of an amphitheater. If you want to avoid getting raped by Nazis, it might be best to stealthily take out the guards patrolling around the outer area of the sound stage and then work your way inward. Otherwise you’ll still be able to survive just fine going in guns-a-blazing.

Head into the room on the other side of the sound stage and even though the door leading out of the room is closed, there’s a small air vent in the room that leads you to the top floor.

Be careful here because there are a lot of laser-wielding Nazis who would love to put a seventh hole in her body.

Make your way around the theater seats and through the open door – it’ll lead you around through the hallways until you get to a dead end that has a slightly open air vent you can crawl through.

You’ll find Chuck Lorentz on the other side of the vent inside his main office. Kill him and exit the level through the window.

Wolfenstein 2 The Diaries of Agent Silent Death - Jessica Goes To The Moon

The last stage, where Jessica heads to the moon base to kill Gerhardt Dunkel, is a run-and-gun stage. Once you get out of the ship you’ll simply need to follow the linear pathways and kill absolutely everyone in your path.

The first half of the stage simply requires you to run through and kill everyone.

Follow the signal path through the halls and toward the circulation generator room with the giant fan. Kill the workers, hop down and crawl around under the fan to get through the maintenance shafts and make your way to the cooling fans. They’re located on the opposite sides of one another. Simply shoot the cooling fan coils and then exit the circulation room.

Follow the path back through the command control rooms and kill the Nazi commander, Gerhardt Dunkel. Make your way to the exit where you first entered in order to end the level.

The episode ends with Jessica Valentine heading back to America to help fight in the revolution.


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