World Of Warships Goes Anime With High School Fleet Update
World of Warships High School Fleet

The anime High School Fleet is invading’s World of Warships. The update features all new camouflages, commanders and collections for players to utilize. recently announced over on the Steam community page that the combination between World of Warships and High School Fleet is currently underway, which involves brand new camouflages for the ships the IJN Musashi, the IJN Yamato, and the HSF Harekaze.

There will also be unlockable commanders for players to utilize that will be voiced by the original actresses from the High School Fleet animated series.

If you want to take a gander at the new camouflage and content, there’s a promo trailer available for you to view below.

There will be a total of 35 characters available through six sub-collections, allowing players to acquire a number of items from the new update.

Quite naturally, a bunch of players have been thoroughly excited about the crossover between the Japanese anime and the free-to-play World War II game.

Wulfee even suggested that maybe needs to start adding some hentai to the game to attract more mature audiences.

Unfortunately, due to the new changes in the way Steam has to operate the store due to the censorship imposed upon them by Christian censor groups who threatened to go to lawmakers about Valve selling “porn” to kids, the company had to enact a very strict policy on preventing H-patches and uncensored updates from being made available through the forums or through the Steam news posts from the developers.

Thankfully, gamers wised up and opened up a sub-Reddit called Steam Uncensored to bypass the attempts to keep the sexy-time out of Steam games. So you can completely count out seeing any H-content in World of Warships.

Anyway, you can download the World of Warships client right now and check out the new High School Fleet update for free. For more info you can visit the Steam store page.


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