Wulverblade Headed To Steam, PS4 And Xbox One With 60fps Update

Developer Fully Illustrated and publisher Darkwind Media announced that starting January 30th Wulverblade will launch on Steam for PC and on the PlayStation Store for the PS4. A day later on the last day of January, Xbox One gamers will be able to pick up a digital copy from the Xbox Store.

All three versions of the game will be running at 60 frames per second, giving gamers the smoothest, most fast-paced action available for Wulverblade yet. The game will launch for the suggested digital price of $14.99.

The beat-’em-up game features the Briton tribes from Britannia during the Roman invasion back during the era of 120 A.D., where the Roman empire had met its match against the northern tribes of the Caledonii.

The family of warriors, consisting of Caradoc, Brennu sand Guinevere, are all playable in this single or multiplayer cooperative beat-’em-up game based on real life historical events.

You can check out the trailer below to get an idea of what the gameplay is like.

You play as badass Britons who take no quarter from the Roman invaders.

There’s no rewriting of history here to fit the multicultural requirements set forth as a mandate in game development by the arbiters of sociopolitical justice barbarism.

Instead, developer Fully Illustrated decided to focus more on the stylized combat and depiction of real-life events as if they played out through a live-action comic book.

Wulverblade is filled from top to bottom with blood and gear and plenty of head-smashing, bone-crushing action. There’s also a two-player online or local cooperative mode and additional combat arenas you can unlock after completing the main campaign.

The game originally came out back in October for the Nintendo Switch. But after a timed exclusive run on Nintendo’s hybrid system, it’s time for it to make an appearance on the big boy consoles.


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