Xuan Yuan Sword: The Gate Of Firmament Makes Its Way Onto Xbox One
Yuan Yuan Sword Xbox One

DOMO Studios and E-Home Entertainment Development’s Xuan Yuan Sword: The Gate Of Firmament has managed to transcend its tiny niche as a little known Chinese role-playing game for PC and find its way into the unascertained territory of Xbox gaming.

Xuan Yuan Sword: The Gate of Firmament managed to attract a very small segment of the Chinese gaming community on Steam with a meager outing, but we’ll be able to see if a much larger contingent of gamers might be willing to support the game as a console release on the Xbox One.

The game has a slightly higher price on the Xbox One than its PC counterpart, going for $19.99 during its first week out at a 20% discount. Following that, the game will regularly be available on the Xbox store for $24.99.

Yuan Yuan Sword is a classically made RPG, focusing on a romantic fantasy adventure themed around a group of individuals intent on closing the Gates of Heaven, which were opened by the Emperor of Heaven in an attempt to find his missing daughter. However, chaos, demons and war ravaged the land due to the gates being opened, and now it’s up to a small group of heroes to close the gates.

The game has a typical turn-based combat system, along with the ability to cast spells, upgrade your weapons, and even capture and tame beasts of the wild.

As an extra bonus, you can use the Vessel Fusion System to combine your weapons with the monsters you’ve captured to forge new and powerful weapons, something that was typical in the Devil Summoner games, and has also appeared in other titles like Final Fantasy.

The game already made its way out and onto the PlayStation 4 to very little fanfare a while back. I tend to doubt that it’ll do much more than its PC and PS4 counterparts now that it’s available on the Xbox One.

Anyhow… if you’ve a penchant for indulging Chinese fantasy and ancient mythology, you can check out Xuan Yuan Sword: The Gate of Firmament right now on the Xbox One.


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