Analistica Academy, Uncensored Visual Novel Now Available On Nutaku
Analistica Academy

Nutaku announced that the uncensored, romance-themed visual novel from EpicWorks and Top Hat Studios called Analistica Academy, is currently available for download right now for $7.00 from over on the Nutaku digital storefront.

The game is obviously not safe for work, but if you’ve been in the mood to check out a new visual novel where you take on the role of a young lad named Hora who is one of the last of the alpha males on planet Earth after a worldwide epidemic wiped out the soy boy population.

As the last sexist man on Earth, Hora attempts to put together his own harem known as the “Holey Trinity”, a collection of the most beautiful and hottest chicks around. This is where players take control of Hora’s life, interacting with four of the main heroines and attempting to unlock the 12 different uncensored sexy-time scenes. You can see what the art is like with the launch trailer below, which should give you an idea of what the quality of H-scenes will be like in Analistica Academy.

It’s weird but the trailer doesn’t necessarily seem to synch up with the plot description, but if the story around the characters is decent enough and the H-scenes are enticing, I suppose it doesn’t really matter how the promo material is portrayed does it?

According to the developer, they wanted to go a different route with the whole visual novel affair, giving players somewhat of a parody of the romance genre but also offer something slightly different. They wanted to both tantalize and shock players in a way that’s different from most other visual novels out there.

The visual novel clocks in at around four to six hours long, so you’re getting close to an hour’s worth of gameplay per dollar.

You can pick up a digital copy of the uncensored version of Analistica Academy right now for $7 by visiting the NSFW Nutaku store page.


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