Battlerite Mimics Blizzard By Introducing New Character With Animated Short

Stunlock Studios is taking a page out of Blizzard’s handbook of promotion. They’ve decided to introduce their characters with animated shorts, and give the gaming community something to chat about when it comes to their new roster additions.

Stunlock took this new approach as part of the new update for Battlerite that introduces all new content into the second season, including lots of quality of life upgrades and updates to help with e-sports viewing and spectating for competitions.

As for the animated short… well, it’s nowhere near on par to the kind of content that Blizzard produces. Even if you don’t like Blizzard for their politics, you have to admit that the quality of their content is still top notch. Stunlock still has a ways to go in that department, but you I suppose if you adopt to the belief that everyone deserves a participation award then maybe that will compensate and help make them feel better about their latest short film.

Anyway, you can check out the minute long short below, introducing the newest character to the Battlerite universe.

Since none of us are blind who watched the short, I’ll just say what everyone is thinking: the Saturday morning cartoon animations will need to go.

I like that Stunlock wants to compete with Blizzard but they might want to find a new art-style for the shorts or take a different approach with the way they’re animated. A lot of people in the comment section also pointed out the same thing.

It’s not hating on Stunlock for trying something new, it’s just constructively pointing out that the animations feel too 1990s, and not necessarily in the good parody way like Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

It might be better if they use high-res versions of the in-game assets, apply a cel-shaded filter and hire a few SFM artists to put something snazzy together for the next short.

Anyway, the first competitive season will get underway starting March 7th. The team will introduce regional leaderboards, pre-game lobbies, a League solo and team play mode, an all new spectator option for gamers with VR headsets, and seasonal reward paths based on daily quest completion.

Additionally, the new Stalker character will be formally introduced with the March 7th update, so you can look for her to appear soon.

Battlerite is currently a free-to-play MOBA and you can check it out right now over on the Steam store.


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