Cave Story+ Nude Mod Strips Curly Of Her Clothes
Cave Story Nude Mod

If you have Cave Story+ but you feel as if the game just doesn’t have enough oomph, enough bang for your buck, or enough tenaciously teeming action teetering on testicular-tingling goodness, then perhaps you need to grab yourself the brand new nude mod for Cave Story+ for PC and modded consoles.

The mod was put together courtesy of the forward-thinking modder BlueRobot99, and you can download it right now from over on the Undertow.Club thread.

The mod is designed specifically for Curly’s Story, an alternate playthrough of the game that’s only accessible when you retrieve Curly’s cutie-patootie crotch clothing from her house. Her panties are located in the Side Room from the Sand Zone Residence.

Once you get her panties you’ll be able to unlock Curly’s Story and play through the game as the female deuterogonist.

With the nude mod this will change Curly from a fully clothed character into a courtesan tramped in a contretemps situation for the remainder of the game.

You can see what this very NSFW mod looks like in action with the screenshot below.

As you can see, Curly is about as exposed as that echidna who doesn’t seem to know the way to a clothing store.

Clearly this is not a mod for everyone. If you’re not okay with seeing barely visible pink nipples on a white-as-snow sprite, or offended at the idea of playing as an anatomically incorrect girly who can’t even wear the panties you retrieved from her room, then you may want to take that offense to GamerGhazi and hope that you’ve raped enough women and molested enough kids to be granted leeway into the church of the Intersectional Inquisition where they’ll allow you to “rheee” about your offense in a completely rage-filled thread about privilege and modding without being banned on sight.

Anyway, for everyone else, you can make use of the Cave Story+ mod right now if you want. As pointed out on the Loverslab thread, this is only available for Curly’s Story and does not work for the main character, Quote.


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