Counter-Strike Co-Creator On Leave From Valve Due To Teen Sex Scandal

Counter Strike Jesse Cliffe

Usually when we’re reporting about sex scandals on this website it’s almost entirely about Liberals, self-proclaimed Social Justice Warriors, journalists who are almost always anti-#GamerGate, or someone from NeoGaf. This time around, however, it’s the co-creator of Counter-Strike, Jesse Cliffe, who is in the spotlight.

The Valve employee is currently on administrative leave for being caught up in a Seattle sex scandal involving a teen. Blues spotted the news from over on Kiro7, a local Seattle, Washington news station that detailed the events.

Apparently Cliffe had been meeting with the teen, unbeknownst to him that she was underage.

The 16-year-old used to meet with Cliffe, and he would pick her up and drop her off near an intersection after they would do their deed.

Each meeting would usually cost Cliffe $300.

Things turned sour for the teen when Cliffe wanted to “test out” his new camera phone and recorded them having sex in his home. The teen was allegedly against their sex sessions being recorded, and asked him not to record, but he did it anyway, which is what led to her going to the police about the matter.

According to the investigation report, the teen told investigators she wasn’t sure if Cliffe knew she was underage, and if he had posted the video online or kept the video, he would be in possession or possible distribution of child pornography…

“At this point, (the teen) wanted to point out that it was illegal to be in possession of child pornography (in reference to the video he had just taken), but decided against it as to not upset him in addition to the fact that [she] could not be certain that he was aware of her true age of 16 years.”

Cliffe has been cooperative with police and even came in to the station on his own accord.

The teen may have opted to talk to the police because if Cliffe had circulated the video he would have been in even bigger trouble. In a way, she may have saved him from ending up in jail next to anti-#GamerGate journalist Matt Hickey, who operated out of the Seattle area.

When contacted for comment, Valve’s Doug Lombardi told the news outlet…

“We are still learning details of what actually happened. Reports suggest he has been arrested for a felony offense. As such we have suspended his employment until we know more.”

If Cliffe can manage to escape the stiff arm of the law, he and the teen might be able to resume their relationship… two years from now.

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