Days Gone Posts More Job Listings, Freak-O-System Will Be Detailed

Days Gone by Bend Studio is still shaping up and needs senior programmers to help development along. Additionally, two of the developers who are part of the Days Gone team will talk about the “Freak-O-System” in detail next month. The action-horror game is set to launch exclusively for PS4.

At the current rate that these job listings are popping up for Bend Studio’s Days Gone, I wouldn’t be shocked if the game is delayed and pushed out sometime in 2019. Although the game can be played internally from start to finish, the devs are looking for more key positions to be filled ahead of its release.

The current positions that Bend Studio is looking for consist of a Senior Staff UI Programmer, Senior Staff Graphics Programmer, and more. You can look over the job listings over on or you can read the tweet looking for said positions right here.

It was mentioned before that starting on March 19th and ending on March 23rd, Bend Studio developers will discuss AI algorithms in Days Gone. This will kick-off at this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC), which will take place at the Moscone Conference Center in San Francisco, California.

The AI algorithm in Days Gone goes by the name of Freak-O-System. At the Moscone Conference Center, Darren Chisum (Senior Staff Programmer, AI Lead) and Tobias Karlsson (Senior Staff Programmer) will take the stage to detail the Freak-O-System.

Topics that the two will discuss pertains to AI spawns, interactions, behavior, and AIs moving around each other. A newly posted page over on further explains what Chisum and Karlsson will discuss.

As of right now no given release date has been set yet, which means that Sony and Bend Studio could release Days Gone late this year or sometime in 2019.

Hopefully when the E3 2018 Participating Companies page is fully fleshed out we’ll know whether or not Bend Studio will show off even more of Days Gone at said games event.


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