Descenders Extreme Downhill Racing Enters Early Access, Coming To Xbox One

No More Robots and RageSquid have teamed up with Microsoft to release their upcoming game Descenders into the Xbox One’s Game Preview program as a console exclusive. It’s a risky proposition but they seem intent on delivering a solid downhill game and Microsoft seems intent on at least trying to add a few more games to the console’s barren line-up of exclusives. Unfortunately for them, if you own a decent PC gaming rig you can also pick up a digital copy of DescendersSteam store right now on the as an Early Access title for $24.99.

The news was let loose over on the Xbox Newswire, where Mike Rose from the publishing outfit No More Robots explained that the downhill biking game, Descenders, will be arriving soon on the Xbox Game Preview program following its launch into Early Access on Steam. Rose explains that this is a passion project from the developers and has been in development for the last two years, he explains…

“We know that the MTB community has been crying out for a proper mountain biking game for years now, so we wanted to create an experience that both satisfies the hardcore freeriding fan, while also feeling like great fun even if you’ve only ever casually ridden a bike.


“The game plays out across four unique worlds, starting in the Scottish Highlands, weaving through dense forests, opening out into gaping, humid canyons, before chucking you out of a helicopter on the highest and most dangerous mountain peaks.”

Sounds interesting enough, right? Well, talk is cheap. I’m sure a lot of you want to see if this is a game worth calling an Xbox exclusive. I’m not going to hold you up any further, so you can see what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

As you perform each run you’ll earn “Rep” points. These points are earned from pulling off tricks, maintaining high speeds, and topping the leaderboards.

Rep can be used to unlock new bikes and gear, as well as earn you some sweet ranking points for your team if you decide to join a group.

However, there’s also a downside to Rep… if you keep crashing, wiping out, ruining your runs or tanking, you’ll lose Rep points. If you’re riding as a lone wolf it’s no big deal, but once you join a team and you start losing Rep, it’ll also affect the rest of your teammates.

Descenders - Downhill Race

The idea is to build a risk and reward venture for those who want to become the very best in Descenders. Obviously the higher your Rep the more exclusive and awesome kits you’ll be able to unlock for both your rider and your ride.

It reminds me of an evolved version of Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam, but more realistic.

RageSquid has plans on releasing Descenders into the Game Preview program over the next several months. The game is available in Early Access right now.

Hopefully the developers will avoid skeezy microtransactions and awful DLC practices and instead just focuses on making a really good, extreme sports title. If the physics are solid, the handling is good, and the gameplay is fun, plenty of gamers will be willing to throw money into their coffers to play Descenders.


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