Desecration Of Wings, Adult-Themed RPG Travels Onto Nutaku
Desecration of Wings

Nutaku announced that Sierra Lee’s Desecration of Wings RPG is currently available on the adult digital storefront for $15.00. The game is about a historian forced into prostitution named, Felana. She has to use her mouth to do battle against the giant snakes controlled by strangers in the wild. Meanwhile, her daughter Trila lacks proper care, and despite hating her mother she ends up in many of the same situations, where debauchery and licentious behavior rule the day.

After war breaks out it’s up to Felana and her daughter to journey through the land, gather a party, and partake in pleasing some of the men (and monsters) in order to save their land.

The game features more than 24 base scenarios and more than 100 CG images, all of which are completely uncensored. The scenes get pretty hardcore, making them enviable for posting here, but outside of the CG imagery the game itself is played like a typical 8-bit RPG.

If you think that Trila has some mouth on her, don’t worry, it definitely gets put to use throughout the game.

Felana and the rest of the gang will have to battle against and attempt to resist succumbing to the temptations of all manner of foes, including skeletal warriors, tentacle monsters, and Eldritch abominations. Sometimes they’re successful while other times they can’t help satisfy the role of a vassal for the unimaginable thirsts that the beasts have for human flesh.

The plot of the game isn’t really laid out in detail much other than what’s mentioned above. Essentially Felana and her daughter will attempt to not only stave off war from taking over the land but also freeing themselves from the coercion of prostitution.

The story will unfold over the course of more than 10 hours worth of gameplay. According to the game’s description, there’s no grinding elements to Desecration of Wings, but you will still have to master certain skills, make use of active and passive abilities, and customize your party.

Additionally, there are no random battle encounters, all enemies are visible on the screen, and Sierra Lee has included side-quests and post-game content.

If you’re interested in Desecration of Wings you can learn more by visiting the NSFW Nutaku store page.


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