Double Kick Heroes, Heavy Metal Rhythm-Shooter Enters Early Access April 11th
Double Kick Heroes Early Access

French developer Headbang Club announced that Double Kick Heroes is set to enter into Early Access on Steam starting April 11th this spring. The game is a heavy metal rhythm-shooter, where players take on the roles of five band members as they travel across the apocalyptic roads fighting zombies and Mad Max-style abominations using their heavily armed Gundillac.

Lincoln, Snake, Derek, Randi and James are metalheads with a take-no-prisoners attitude and a penchant for rocking out with mad riffs while blasting down monsters at the speed of a hi-hat solo.

The group attempts to make a cross-country journey in their Gundillac, while various enemies chase and hound them down along the not-so-deserted highways.

Unlike typical cross-country beat-’em-ups or run-and-gun games, Double Kick Heroes doesn’t rely on typical combos and button mashing. Instead, players will have to master the rhythms of the music, and time their button presses, turning the game into a music-rhythm shooter. It’s like if Guitar Hero and Left 4 Dead got together in a 16-bit back alley and had a baby.

You can check out the gameplay for Double Kick Heroes with the Early Access trailer below.

I can’t fault Headbang Club for this concept because it’s definitely something different. It reminds me a little bit of Lost in Harmony, which was another music-rhythm game that took a slightly different approach to the endless runner genre.

The coloring and palette also remind me of Capcom’s Cadillac and Dinosaurs. However, the gameplay is vastly different, with a focus on keeping up with the beat across 18 different songs that will be present in the Early Access run composed by Elmobo. According to the press release the full game will feature 30 different heavy metal songs to rock out to.

Additionally you’ll be able to import your own songs and create your own unique challenges and share them with the community, which could vastly extend the replayability of Double Kick Heroes.

According to the developers the game was borne out of the inspiration of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s pulp action flicks like From Dusk ‘Till Dawn, Grindhouse and Machete, while diving deep into the culture of sex, drugs and heavy metal.

If you’re interested in this game you can look for it to go live on April 11th 2018 this spring as an Early Access title you can keep an eye on the official website for more info.


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