EA Sports UFC 3 How To Perform Basic Kicks, Punches And Blocks
EA Sports UFC 3

For gamers interested in the almost covertly released fighting game, EA Sports UFC 3, there’s a few guides up and available for those of you who may have had some troubles adapting to the new change in the game’s striking system and controls.

YouTuber MMAGame breaks down the basics in a four minute tutorial that describes what’s been altered and how you’ll need to adapt your fight game moving from EA Sports UFC 2 to EA Sports UFC 3, which is currently available for PS4 and Xbox One.

The controls for the game are now mirrored after Tekken 7‘s basic face button setup. Square and Triangle control the left and right hands, while ‘X’ and Circle control the left and right legs.

You can string together combos by tapping the buttons and using the bumpers and triggers as modifiers.

Pressing the basic face buttons perform light jabs and kicks, while holding down the left bumper you’ll be able to do hooks with the punch buttons. To perform uppercuts you now have to press Square and Triangle or Triangle and Circle together. I know it’s a needlessly complex change but that’s EA Sports for you.

You can modify body punches by holding down the left trigger and pressing Square or Triangle.

You can further modify body punches by holding down the left trigger and the left bumper and pressing Square or Triangle.

They’ve changed how to do the Superman punch as well, so now you have to press R1 + L1 + Triangle to perform a Superman punch.

To perform head kicks it’s the same as performing modified heavy punches. You simply press the left bumper and either tap ‘X’ or the Circle button to launch head kciks at your opponent.

You can perform kicks to the body by simply holding down the left trigger and tapping ‘X’ or Circle.

You can sometimes perform special kicks by pressing L1 + R1 + ‘X’ or L1 + R1 + Circle.

You can defend against the head strikes by simply holding down the right trigger, and you can defend against the body strikes by holding down both the left and the right trigger.

The right analog stick is now used to dodge attacks as opposed to using the left trigger like in EA Sports UFC 2.

The controls are definitely different, but it’s tough to see if it’s actually better.


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