Eco Beginner Walkthrough Guide
Eco Beginner Guide

Strange Loop Games’ Eco is currently in Early Access, and this means a bunch of people are jumping into it in order to play the latest version of the game. Obviously, every time a new game launches people rush to check it out and see what it’s like. Well, if you’re new to Eco and need some help getting the basics done, there’s a walkthrough guide available.

So the general gist is that an asteroid is hurtling toward the planet and your only hope of success is to work together, build up your resources, and devise a device that can stop the asteroid. Most people don’t even know how to access the free cursor during gameplay, so the first thing you’ll need to do is press Tab once you enter into the game world after creating your character so you can freely access the mouse cursor. This is explained in the beginner’s guide put together by YouTuber 8-Bit Ninja.

How To Access The Skill Tree

You can click on the little button at the bottom left hand corner of the screen that says “Skill Points” and it will open up the skill tree menu. You’ll need to use this in order to upgrade your crafting and survival skills in Eco.

You’ll need to start with Logging, as suggested in the video above. Logging is necessary so you can begin hunting and cutting down trees.

You can press ‘E’ to interact with objects in the game world, such as scavenging meat from dead animals.

You can use items by pressing the right mouse button.

Eco - Logging

Chop down the trees that you need to start building your home. Once you chop down a tree there will still be branches on some of them, and you’ll need to cut off the branches and slice up the wood so you can turn the tree into logs and then use the logs in order to build your own home.

How To Build A House In Eco

Youtuber J0hnbane has a walkthrough guide on how to build a house. Press ‘E’ to gather up the wood and then you can press the right mouse button to set the wood down into blocks. Open up the skill menu and put a skill point into your laborer skill so you can move the dirt out of the way if there are any dirt mounds in the way for your home.

You may also want to put some logs aside so you can build a repair station for your equipment, so that as you continue to use your gear and repair the damaged gear. You’ll need to first craft a workbench from the survival menu before you can craft a repair station, so that’s definitely something you want to do, especially if you want to keep your home tidy.

How To Claim Your Property In Eco

Once you build your basic outline for your home, you’ll need to claim the property. Press ‘Tab’ to open up your backpack and there is a property marker in your inventory. You can set down the marker to extend it around the map to claim your piece of land, which will show up as yellow blocks on your mini-map. Make sure to make the property claim large enough to accommodate your home and just how big you might make it later on, so don’t hesitate to make the claim larger than the area of your home itself.

Additionally, you can add people to your property or grant them access to it by right clicking on the property deed and then searching for the player(s) on the server you want to add to the deed. Simply slick on the “Add” button to add them to the authorized list. This will grant them access to your home and the equipment inside of it.

How To Eat In Eco

If you’ve already killed some animals you can harvest their bodies for food. However, if you plan on playing as a vegan in Eco, you can go over to ferns and gather them up. You can actually eat ferns once you gather them up. You don’t have to cook them or fry them or boil them. You can also eat berries, which are located on bushes.

As depicted in the video above from YouTuber Raptor, you can cook your food by building a campfire. The campfire will allow you to cook meals based on recipes available from the campfire.

How To Store Items In Eco

Once you get done building your home and eating and drinking and being merry, you’ll need to upgrade your storage skills. So open your skill menu and upgrade your storage skill. This will allow you to place a chest down in your home and store items from your inventory in the chest.

This is essential for keeping all your resources stored that you gather from around the game world. Additionally, you can only have four holes in a room where a chest is stored, this includes a doorway and two holes for windows. So it might be best to keep the chest stored in a separate room from the rest of your living quarters.

How To Do Basic Research In Eco

Open up your skill menu and select basic research and upgrade it so you can place a research table in your room. The research table is used for your basic research.

You’ll want to start with the basic carpentry skill book once you get the research table finished. The carpentry skill book will require some logs, so you’ll have to gather some more and place them into the research table’s storage to get started with that. This will allow you to start crafting even more items and gear to help get you on your way.

That’s some of the basic elements necessary to get started in Strange Loop Games’ Eco. The title is currently available over on the Steam store for $29.99.


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